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America’s Team: Gets a New Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys are already feeling quite at home with their new changes this season. America’s football team and my personal favorite of all time won their season opener and are doing it in the most awesome stadium. The new stadium, compliments of Jerry Jones, seats 80,000 and expandable to 100,000 is the largest and most luxurious of all the football stadiums. dallas stadium

GO Cowboys, See you in The Super Bowl

I miss you TO (Terrell Owens) !!

Your biggest fan,

Ms. Concierge


“Real Housewives of Atlanta” HotSpots

atl 2We found a list of some Real Housewives of Atlanta favorite spots. Georgians, take a look:

Fab’rik boutique – This is the shop that Lisa and Ne Ne visited before Ne Ne accompanied Lisa to LA. (See photo above)

Rosa Mexicana -The ladies have visited this HOT pick 3 times! Voted as the best margarita in Atlanta!

Solara Sol – Searching for Kim’s favorite nail salon? Now you have it.

Derek Blank – Dying for an alter ego portrait? Well this celebrity photographer can make it happen.

You may not want to stop by these stores unless you plan on breaking the bank, or writing a check and “pretending like the bill is never gonna come” and when it does send it to Big Poppa. Most of the stores don’t have much under $100.

Source via Top Atlanta Luxury

Ms. Quote of the Week

relationshipDon’t let a little dispute injure a great relationship



TV Land

Silver Foxes introduces its honorary celebrity, Mrs. Dolores DeVega. If you’re a reality TV buff like I am, you’ll recognize her from the TV Land series, She’s Got the Look.

Despite all signs indicating that Dolores has “got the look”, she took fourth place in the modeling competition for women over 35.   Still, this was an amazing task as she beat out thousands of women, most much younger than she is.  So at age 72, she’s redefining what people think of when they hear  “model”.  Dolores’ competitor’s ranged from late thirties to 47.  Dolores proved time and time again, what she lacked in youth, she had an abundance of in beauty, drive, and likability, all essential to the modeling industry.  She even received a comment on the TV Land website referring to her simply as, “hot”.

What’s more is that this mother of three, and grandmother to eight, has beautiful silver hair.  Dolores’ hair is truly awe-inspiring.  I’m sure some people with blonde, brown, or black hair would swap with Dolores if it meant having her healthy, full, and shimmery silver locks.

Dolores, you are truly…a silver fox! I look forward to having your invaluable contributions in Ms. Concierge’s up-coming book “So what if I’m silver, I’m still a fox“.

Not only is Dolores redefining the modeling industry, she’s a walking sign of what a Silver Fox is about.  Just because your hair has changed colors, doesn’t mean you’re not young at heart, vibrant and sexy.

Congratulations and thank you for being our celebrity inspiration and sharing some of your hair secrets with your many fans.

Read Dolores’ full bio here.

Source: TV Land

Ms. Concierge California “Road Trip”

del mar l'aburge

Let’s continue for some more of my favorite road trip stops in beautiful, sunny California. This hotel is a hidden gem off the beaten path of the Interstate 5…leaving Los Angeles going south towards San Diego. I invited a group of professional business people to join me at the L’Auberge hotel in Del Mar, California for a week-end get away. My guests simply loved the atmosphere and the hotel rooms. They all felt like they were in Europe or another country.

The L’Auberge is a luxury hotel near La Jolla and San Diego in southern California. This beach front spa resort features all amenities. It is a perfect setting for a “romantic get away” or a luxurious wedding. For those who love shopping, and great food, the shops and restaurants are right across the pebble street of the hotel. The beach front also has splendid shops and eateries.

This is one of my personal best hotels in my fav 5.  I give it 5 stars out of “5“.

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